New Thalamus Filter Feature

In Uncategorised by Rob Davenport

Do you need to look at a report once a month? Is it a hassle for you to go through the motions to get the right configurations and metrics every time?

Thanks to Tim our developer we have added a handy feature that will allow ease of use for accessing specific configurations of reports.

Start by setting up the report how you want it saved if you will be revisiting that configuration often. Then click the “Create Filter” option, you will be prompted for a name for the filter and you can call it whatever you like. The next time you want to view the report that way just click the filter when you are on that report and it will change to how it was saved.

You can have as many filters as you like, you can also update or remove them to keep your report section clean. With updating filters, you can also change the name upon updating the filter which helps to reduce the admin of having too many filters.

The save icon is used to update the filter to what is currently on the report and the bin icon is to remove the filter.