Improve Thalamus Security

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The recent headlines related to Waikato DHB IT woes has prompted us to remind all our customers about enabling multi-factor authentication for Thalamus as well as other sources where access should be protected.

We recommend:

  • encouraging users to enable Multi-Factor Authentication on Thalamus.  This provides an additional level of protection if your computer or system is ever compromised  
  • Long and strong passwords are an essential part of the security.  One of the best ways to do this is to use a few unrelated words together while including digits, capitals and special characters. Thalamus has a minimum password policy which requires passwords to be a minimum size, complexity and to avoid common insecure passwords such as ‘password’
  • Passwords are best to be unique.  Using the same password across multiple systems can mean if one system is compromised, you may also inadvertently compromise other systems using the same passwords