UX Fail : The Label Illude

In Commentary by jayden.macrae

I love being able to fill in government forms online, rather than have to post them in! Thanks IRD. While undertaking a process for registering an employee today on the IRD website, I ran into a bit of a UX issue.

Below is the screenshot of what happened after I tried submitting the information on the form. The areas of interest are the really good error message, and field (7), in particular the “Suburb, Town/City” label.

The label tells me to put the “Suburb, Town/City” into the field. I’d expect to add both elements to the field separated by a comma, given the label is outlining that both Suburb and Town or City information should be included.

Of course, the problem is that the form won’t submit with the comma in that field.

At least the error message “.. as the field contains commas” is useful; and the form helpfully highlights the problematic fields. Bonus points IRD for helping me locate the error easily.

Thanks IRD for letting me do this electronically. Although this is not the most egregious UX issue, it should also be easy to fix. I wonder how many people try to submit this form incorrectly the first time, compared with how many get it right?

Now, to simply fix this, add two seperate fields for the Suburb and City information, or re-write the label to be “Suburb/Town/City” if they just want one of those things.