How and Why to Contact Us

In Informational by Rob Davenport

How to contact us

There are three ways of contacting us:

Which is the route for you

Now you may be thinking, “Which one is the appropriate route to go through for my particular issue?”, or “How can I make sure it gets to the right person?”

For a known issue that you can describe, it would be best to submit a ticket directly through including as much detail as possible.

For general enquiries, questions or wondering if we can provide the answer to your work needs, send an email through to

With urgent matters that require immediate attention, calling is the easiest way to get through to us, however, if it is easier to have the situation written out instead of spoken, then there are priorities on submitted tickets that can be adjusted by you based on the urgency of the issue.

Reaching your desired contact

If you need to speak with a particular member of the team but do not have their contact information, call through to the helpdesk and explain the need to speak with that particular member and you will be forwarded on in a timely manner.

If you only need to reach them via email and have lost their email information, send an email through to the helpdesk indicating the team member you would like it forwarded onto and the information that you want that member to see.

Ticket times

No ticket gets left behind. 

There will be prompt response to any submitted ticket and upon assessment of the contents/priority, it will be acted upon accordingly.